Thursday, February 22, 2007

More Words from Marcel

Here are more words from Proust:
  • parturition p. 631 - the action or process of giving birth to offspring
  • cit p. 634 - not in the 2 dictionaries I checked.
  • mene, mene Tekel Upharsin p. 636 - in the Bible, the mysterious riddle written by a hand on the wall at Belshazzar’s feast. These Aramaic words may be translated literally as, “It has been counted and counted, weighed and divided.” Daniel interpreted this to mean that the king’s deeds had been weighed and found deficient and that his kingdom would therefore be divided.
  • ephebe p. 637 - a young man
  • convolvulus p. 645 - any of a genus (Convolvulus) of erect, trailing, or twining herbs and shrubs of the morning-glory family
  • calcareous p.811 - 1 a : resembling calcite or calcium carbonate especially in hardness b : consisting of or containing calcium carbonate; also : containing calcium
    2 : growing on limestone or in soil impregnated with lime
  • dalmatic p. 834 - a wide-sleeved overgarment with slit sides worn by a deacon or prelate
  • torse p. 834 - not available in the free dictionary

There are more, but I can't find the papers that I wrote them on.

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