Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Boleyn Inheritance

While this book picks up just a bit after The Other Boleyn Girl leaves off, it doesn't manage to carry over the engrossing storytelling.

Whether this is due to a fatigue with the genre/period/family or whether this is due to a lesser quality product is hard to say. I have read 5 other books by this author.

Gregory presents the story of Henry VIII's fourth and fifth wives from the perspective of these two wives and the sister in law of his second wife in alternating chapters.

As always, I found Gregory's work interesting for her take on the internal life of historical characters but I tired of her characters' narration midway through the book. Enough so that I skipped to the final chapters to see where Gregory was taking us.

At this point, I'm not feeling like I'll be reading a 7th book by Ms Gregory . . .

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