Thursday, January 17, 2008

Passing into Light

I’ve been reading a lot of road trip books lately and not on purpose. First there was Blue Highways now I just finished Passing into Light and an in the middle of Donald Miller’s Painted Deserts. Hmmm.

My friend, Sharon Ewell Foster wrote Passing into Light so I’m not unbiased here. It’s the story of a young widow, Shirley who packs up her two kids and heads for a new life in California. Or so she hopes. Against her better judgment she picks up a hitchhiker, Windy, and makes a detour in Texas where she returns to the place and person that were most nurturing for her. This detour forces her to make another and to search for her mother who’d been institutionalized when Shirley was a girl and to find her uncles, who’d been unjustly incarcerated.

As you might guess, the book’s not as light as the Ain’t No River series. But it is moving and thoughtful. It does fit in the Christian fiction genre so readers will find characters using faith, prayer and the Gospel to make sense of their problems.

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