Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

Another one of those stay up until it's finished books.

To be honest, I did start reading it a while ago when the movie was still playing in the theaters but since I wanted to follow my modus operandi and read the book after I saw the movie, I wasn't reading it whole-heartedly.

Having since thrown in the towel on the movie first, book second thing, I picked it up again after I finished Isaac's Storm and devoured it.

Pullman creates a familiar yet strange world. Texas is a country, Norway is Norroway. Animals talk.

And the heroine is 11 years old.

A la Harry Potter (must I mention Harry Potter?), this is no light-hearted romp. There is tragedy and darkness. But through it all, Lyra shines.

On to Book II . . .

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Anonymous said...

How many books are there? How does this stand up to others in the genre? Who's the hero(ine)? See, I'm really out of it.