Sunday, February 17, 2008

Other People's Love Letters, edited by Bill Shapiro

After happening upon and illicitly reading a girlfriend's love letter, Bill Shapiro became intensely interested in love letters, what they say about a relationship at a given moment, why people write them, why people save them and why people don't.

He wondered about real people's love letters, those love letters that captured all the complications of love.

So he asked people to share their love letters with him. And they did.

Some of the letters are sweet, some are sad, some are angry.

The voyeur in me enjoyed reading them but since all of the letters published were published with the author's consent, the voyeur in me was left wondering about the others, the ones for which the authors withheld consent, what were they like . . .

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Susan said...

Fascinating. At first I thought it was a work of fiction, but no, it's non-fiction. Could be quite powerful and dramatic.