Saturday, March 29, 2008

I know; not really the point.

Not Quite What I was Planning; Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure

Steve bought this book and proceeded to compose 103.

Me, I'm not so creative or original.

But, as I was reading others' memoirs, I kept finding ones which could have been mine.

So, here they are. My six word memoirs, in others' words:

Mistakes were made, but smarter now - Christine Triano, p. 18

Now I blog and drink wine - Peter Bartlett, p. 19

I recognize red flags faster, now - Barbara Burri, p. 28

I lost god. I found myself - Joe Kimmel, p. 54

Time to start over again, again - Dan Petronelli, p. 56

You are all in my imagination - Becky Weinberg, p. 64

Smart, tall, independent woman. Men scarce - Annie Schmidt, p. 67

I'm ten, and have an attitude - Tillie Seger, p. 83

Carbohydrates call my name every day - Mary Petersdorf, p. 84

The weather is better up here - Brad Wieners, p. 92

Quietly cultivating my inner Linda Carter - Joanna Sheehan, p. 105

Really, doing fine, thanks for asking - Fuzzy Gerdes, p. 119

Revenge is living well, without you - Joyce Carol Oates, p. 128

Outcast. Picked Last. Surprised them all - Rachel Pine, p. 129

Thought long and hard. Got migraine - Lisa Levy, p. 199

and one that's mine (not including the title of this post):

Donated my stuff, moved to paradise.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed my *lengthy* creative output.