Thursday, April 24, 2008

Franklin and Lucy by Joseph E. Persico

As someone who was not well-acquainted with the personal life of the only man to spend 12 years as the President of the United States, I found Franklin and Lucy edifying.

Persico does not limit himself to presenting the story of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt and Lucy Mercer Rutherford. He includes multiple other women who figured heavily in Franklin's life and also details the important relationships in Eleanor's life.

In measured tones, Persico delves into the motivations and likely depth of the relationships. He presents the speculation, weighs the evidence and provides his own conclusions, which may or may not be accurate. He avoids the titillating while acknowledging how differently the players would have been treated under today's rules.

The book is surprisingly broad and extends far beyond its title.

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Anonymous said...

Persico wrote the biography of Edward R. Murrow that I read and really liked a couple years ago. Wonder what he'll do next.