Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Boston Marriage

David Mamet's Boston Marriage is a play with three characters: two "women of style" (i.e. lesbian lovers) and their maid. Anna, who was originally played by Felicity Huffman, and Claire were lovers. Claire has found a younger woman and wants Anna to cover for this relationship. Obviously Anna reacts with jealousy. Anna has found a rich man to support her and Claire. He's given her an emerald necklace and Anna plans to string him along. She'd like some gratitude for her sacrificing (a bit) for Claire.

It's a play with great dialog, a study of sarcasm and jealousy. Neither the man nor Claire's new love ever appear on stage. Midway through the play we learn that the girl saw the necklace and it's her mothers. That heightens the drama. Yet I kept wanting the man or his daughter to appear on stage.

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