Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Dinner with Andre

I'm trying to read more plays and scripts so I got My Dinner with Andre by Shawn, Wallace when I saw it at the library. I remember seeing the film on video probably in 1989 and I liked it. It's quirky and philosophical. Not to mention different.

It's the story of two friends, Andre and Wally, who have dinner together. Andre is going through this crisis, he's realized his life lacks meaning and that he's just going through the motions. He can't do that any more so he takes off on a variety of wild quests in India, Poland, wherever he hears of some group or guru or old friend doing something that might me more real. Now the story consists of his explaining all these bizarre experiences to his everyman friend Wally. Wally takes it all in, but is skeptical. He cares for his friend, but really must we all trek off to Tibet to encounter reality? Of course, not. But the two then launch into a discussion of how deadened people have become.

It's witty and Wally balances out Andre well. They do care for each other and respectfully challenge and disagree with each other. The film was engaging as was the script. Here you get the benefit of the introduction by Andre Gregory which says he really did go through this midlife crisis.

The DVD sells for $78 so go to Netflix.

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