Sunday, February 22, 2009

Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak by Writers Famous & Obscure

The editors at Smith Magazine have published another book of six word memoirs, this one focused on love and heartbreak.

This book, like their last, inspired me to cull out the six word memoirs with which I identified.

I've thrown in a few of my own, too.

He did not laugh at Airplane.

He was way ahead of me.

He called me, asked for her.

He was addicted, too many women.

I left though I loved him.

I wrote her a thank you.

First thought: He has nice eyes.

He's an artist and I'm not.

Couldn't give up B for W.

Eight years alone, met my guy.

He makes me laugh every day - Detta Owens, p. 11.

Became the other woman. Didn't know - Cameron Vest, p. 22.

Good sex was all we had - Kimberley Yvette Price, p. 39.

Forgot why I left; went back - Sharon Lewis, p. 44.

It helps to label the books - Juan Antonio del Rosario, p. 47.

Love plus laughter: happily ever after - Dan Goggin, p. 50.

Love almost always leads to heartbreak - Raoul Felder, Esq., p. 60.

Love at first sight is blind - Jace Albao, p. 61.

My heart is my strongest muscle - Shanna Katz, p. 64.

More complicated than movies let on - Erin McIntosh, p. 77.

Maybe he will call me tomorrow - Jody Madala, p. 80.

I love you and I'm leaving - Christine Stewart, p. 81.

Happiness is a bed to myself - Michelle Ponto, p. 82.

Three word memoir: Paper. Pen. Revenge. - Lora Mitchell, p. 120.

It's just a matter of luck - Ayelet Waldman, p. 122.

In hindsight, I'd still choose you - Natana Gill, p. 128.

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