Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Close Encounters of the Third World Kind

A children's book by Jennifer Stewart, Close Encounters of A Third-World Kindtells the story of a girl who goes with her family to Nepal. Her father is a doctor volunteering to provide much needed care. I read it as research as I'm writing a script about Nepal.

I thought the idea was fresh and would teach young readers about a part of the world they probably never heard of. There are passages where the main character wonders about her attitudes towards the Third World, which impressed me. The plot is rather typical and predictable, yet young readers may not agree. I did wonder if some of the vocabulary wasn't just a stretch for the the targeted readers and something that would expand their vocabulary, but just adult style wording that would go over readers' heads. For example, there's a section where the narrator refers to the FTD florist logo. Is that something in the average 10 year old's frame of reference nowadays? I'd be surprised if it was.

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Brant said...

As an FTD florist, I hope the book does teach the young readers about the FTD logo. It is one of the highest recognized logos in North America. Most of the public know that it means the florist has the ability of delivering flowers and more inportantly messages, anywhere in the world.
Ken FTD Florist