Saturday, January 26, 2008

The End of America by Naomi Wolf

Michael Ratner of the Center for Constitutional Rights says of this book, "You will be shocked and disturbed by this book."

I'd say that he's spot on.

The parallels that Wolf draws between our current administration and other Fascist governments of the 20th century are chilling.

Yes, I used the word other in the previous sentence purposefully.

I have long been concerned about things like the suspension of habeas corpus (see Political Theater, Discouraged and America, Love it or Leave it) and the attempt to provide immunity to the telecom companies who acquiesced to the administration's demands for warrantless wiretaps.

Unfortunately, situations like those Wolf describes, while making me angry and incredulous, also make me feel small and powerless.

I do feel compelled to share this book with people.

Be warned, if you are on my gift giving list, you will likely be receiving a copy.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds intriguing and a must read. I am so concerned by the erosion of civil rights, but even more by how the public doesn't really notice. Or so it seems.